Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bugging Out

I fell hard the first time I saw this photograph of Elsa Schiaparelli wearing a black stole and an oversized insect pin.  The photo was taken in 1952 and now it seems that insect bijoux are crawling back into fashion.  I was looking through street style photos from the couture shows that took place in Paris earlier this year and amongst all of the chicly dressed people the one stylish creature that stood out above them all was a larger-than-life beetle bedecked with pearls and an opulent iridescent coat.  Delfina Delettrez created the playful piece for Shala Monroque, who pinned the eye-catching metallic insect to all but one of her outfits that week.  It was this bold statement that brought each and every one of her looks to life. I'm bugging and Jason Wu is too--his resort 2013 collection was topped with Swarovski bug taxidermy.  I'm thinking about adding this Delettrez bee brooch to my fall wardrobe--it would look great pinned to my coat.

And I've always loved the look of natural curiosities at home. The other day while browsing West Elm I was immediately drawn to a pair of framed butterflies they're offering from artist Christopher Marley of Pheromone. The Pheromone collection at West Elm is limited but their own site offers a stunning variety of specimens from butterflies to beetles, geodes, urchins, and more. I normally find the idea of framed insects a little creepy, but I must admit, the butterflies displayed in the living room above are more pretty than freaky. But if you still find the idea of putting dead butterflies on you shelves (and really - who could blame you?) how about displaying this brass fly or hanging this vintage brass beetle sconce from Jayson Home?

(Images via Street Peeper,  Jason Wu)

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  1. I love the big brooches! I have a couple of pairs of bug earrings....everyone comments when I wear them!!