Tuesday, January 8, 2013

John Minshaw Designs

There is an air of mystery and drama about the designs of John Minshaw. This award-winning architect and interior designer from London is a master at creating unassuming, minimally adorned yet classic and elegant spaces. His simple designs speak volumes — he favors balance, symmetry and proportion in his interiors, which he describes as ‘contemporary and quite sharp’. Minshaw doesn't use a lot of pattern, which I love, and instead uses a lot of texture. His use of color is also restrained — Farrow & Ball’s Strong White is a favorite — and only an occasional block of another color interrupts the flow. I wish there were more images of John's work in US shelter magazines so I could find out more about his resources.  Until then, I will continue to be inspired by these few (especially that brass kitchen island).  Which space is your favorite?


  1. A little bit moody and masculine. I can dig.

  2. very inspiring! I particularly like his kitchens and bathrooms.

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