Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pretty in Polka Dots

Ever since I spotted (catch that?) this dress in Oscar de la Renta's resort collection I've been craving a generous helping of glittery dots.  Enter Martha Stewart Fine Glitter and Aleene's (incredible) Tacky Dots.  I picked up a box of inexpensive white ornaments from Michael's, added a few tacky dots, sprinkled a little glitter and ta-da!! I'm officially satisfied!  Have you decorated your Christmas tree yet?

(Images taken by Kristin Kerr)


  1. Such a sweet and simple idea - and oooh glitter. I'm all about the shiny shiny stuff!

    Your place is looking rather gorgeous as well! x

  2. This is so fantastic!!! They look like store bought ornaments. And I love that the mess was probably pretty minimal (ie, the thought of doing this with glue pains me). I had no idea those tacky dots even existed!!