Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cool to be Classic: Céline + Netto

One of the greatest struggles of getting dressed this time of year is striking a balance between looking good and staying warm. The art of putting together chic, cool weather outfits is underrated. Leave it to Phoebe Philo at Céline to get it right. Miss Philo's 2010 pre-fall collection embodies winter-chic at its finest. Silk blouses, brightly colored wedges, high-waisted, wide-legged tailored trousers and smart uses of fur, who would have ever thought that classic minimalism of this type could once again look so fresh? This made me think, could lux-low key essentials and classic minimalism translate into an interior? The Answer is yes.
By now, we've all seen this iconic shot of David Netto's bedroom in his New York apartment.  The beauty of it, at least to me, is that it's so unexpected. There's that very traditional hand-blocked wallpaper mural by Zuber paired with that sleek chrome bed and Regency mechanical table.  Then there's the room's rather spare color scheme of blue, white, brown and a pop of orange.  This room is beautifully edited yet still seems livable and comfortable.  And just like the Céline collection,  it perfectly bridges the gap between traditional and modern.  With proof that classics are cool, lets all channel these looks as the last weeks of frigid temps loom, shall we?

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