Thursday, August 18, 2011

Style Soul Mate

Preen Fall 2011  Can you tell I've got fall fashion on my mind?  I'm watching Project Runway right now and I'm completely obsessed with this Preen blouse Nina Garcia is wearing.  Actually, I think Nina might just be my style soul mate.  Her love of tailored, streamlined, architectural, asymmetrical forms is right up my alley.  I wish I could swap closets with her because I bet she has some of these other gorgeous looks from the Preen fall 2011 collection hanging in there just waiting to be worn! Preen Fall 2011 Preen Fall 2011


  1. I love Preen's perfectly tailored pieces. Gorgeous!

  2. I LOVED that Preen top Nina was wearing on the show the other night. So glad to see where it is from (thank you).

    Meggy from Chasing Davies