Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stella's Hideaway

How stunning are these photos of fashion designer Stella McCartney and her picturesque English country estate published by Vogue Stella told Hamish Bowles all about her "garden within a garden within a garden" back in October 2010 and it’s no surprise that her work is inextricably linked to her home: “Sometimes I find a color in the garden I wouldn’t normally think of,” she says. “I enjoy them more in nature, and it makes me want to bring them into the collection."

Can you even imagine having that view?  There is inspiration for days.  The color of the Wisteria Sinensis that scales the eastern facade of the redbrick Georgian manor is seriously breathtaking, as is the herringbone brick walkway that passes through the Anniversary Garden.  You read that right, the Anniversary Garden, which is the grandest of them all, was created in 2009, in time to celebrate Stella and her husband's sixth wedding anniversary.  Sigh.

(images bruce webb for vogue)

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  1. She is a never ending inspiration!
    And that blue china... what is that called that she has there? I found some like that at a thrift store yesterday... I thought about it for a good long minute...but now I am convinced!