Monday, January 23, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

Fresh peonies made the inside of my apartment feel more like Spring than this...
wintery mess.  The snow looked pretty but it made for one heck of a commute home on Friday night.
So I stayed in and cuddled with this muffin
and rearranged some accessories around my apartment.
I tried to find the perfect shade of blue-green
so I could paint a little somethin' somethin' for my bedroom.
I finally ventured out Saturday afternoon and found this amazing vintage buffet.  I'm thinking it would make a great TV stand.
I also found these great faux bamboo chairs.
On Sunday I bopped into one of my favorite antique stores where I found not one but TWO awesome bar carts...
I love a good tassel...
and a little leopard.
My mom had to pry this gold chair out of my hands -- I need another chair like I need a hole in my head -- it's just so pretty.  Wouldn't it look fabulous reupholstered in Fig Leaf or a great John Robshaw blockprinted linen?  Le Sigh.

How was your weekend?


  1. I died when I saw that pic of your apartment, and then died again when I saw those antique finds!!! Gah I need to come shopping in Chicago I think!

  2. Oh, those peonies are just lovely. Looks like it was a pretty fab weekend. xo

  3. You ALWAYS have the best antique store finds!!

  4. Best antique finds. And LOVE the peonies on your side table -- I need some.

  5. Your dog is the cutest.

    Love everything you found at the antique stores!

  6. Ugh Friday's commute was so horrendous! The peonies are a great way to distract from the weather :) Love the antique store finds!

  7. I love the peonies. Flowers brighten the room any time, don't they?

  8. I realize that the grass is always greener on the other side, but a little part of me really envies your life! You find the best antiques, have an adorable pup, and my oh my, look at that pretty city view!